10 September 1941 – 24 September 2014
Keyboard player
Catalogue of the former Christopher Hogwood Instrument Collection


Maker Anonymous
Manufactured Italian, 17th century
Description A Florentine instrument from the second half of the 17th century in cypress wood in an outer painted case of poplar.
Inscription Francesca da Picinani on the inner surface of the front flap of the lid in ink, but the sixth and eight letters of the surname have been overwritten so it could also have read Picinini or Picinina.
Specification 2 x 8' strung in brass. Both registers can be operated by handles on the bass ends protruding from the spine side and accessible through an opening in the outer-case.
Pitch A=415
Compass GG–d3
Boalch3 number: PICINANI, F. D. n.d.(1)
Boalch2 number: 1
Restoration 1984 Chris Nobbs
1988 Chris Nobbs (music desk in rosewood and boxwood)
Maker Jacob Kirckman
Manufactured London, 1766
Description Single manual English harpsichord with cross-banded mahogany casework on trestle stand with pedal for 'machine' stop.
Inscriptions Jacobus Kirckman Londini Fecit 1766 on name batten over keyboard, and IK on rose in soundboard.
Specification 2 x 8', 4' and buff, operated by four untypical 'draw' stops (an early modification): LH: buff, 4'; RH: front 8', back 8'. Simple 'machine' stop pedal takes off front 8' and 4'.
Pitch A=415
Compass FF-f3
Boalch3 number: KIRCKMAN, J. 1766(4)
Boalch2 number: 32a.
Restoration c1950 Alec Hodsdon, Lavenham
1976-78 Derek Adlam
1991 MacKinnon & Waitzman
Maker Thomas Culliford for Longman & Broderip
Manufactured London, 1782
Description Single-manual English harpsichord in mahogany case on trestle stand with two pedals operating 'machine' stop and lid swell.
Inscriptions Longman and Broderip Musical Instrument Makers / 26 Cheapside London on name batten, and Thos. Culliford, Maker, 3 Fountain Court, Cheapside, London, February 1782 on back of name batten. S. Denton / Neetwood / Manchester / Sep 27th 1884 in pencil on bottom boards (removed during 1978 restoration).
Specification 2 x 8', 4', lute and buff. Stop levers labelled, L to R: Harp, lute, octave, / Mute [dummy], 2nd Unison, 1st Unison. On LH cheek knob labelled Pedal for machine mechanism. RH pedal operates unusual swell shutter formed by secondary inner 'lid'.
Pitch A=430
Compass GG, FF-f3
Boalch3 number: LONGMAN and BRODERIP. 1782(2)
Boalch2 number: 4b

Kenneth Mobbs and Alexander Mackenzie of Ord, 'The "Machine Stop" and its Potential...', Galpin Society Journal, XLVII (March 1994).

Only two other single-manual instruments made by Culliford with both 'machine' stop and lid swell are known, one found in The Mobbs Keyboard Collection.

Thomas Culliford's daughter Mary married Charles Barrow, who afterwards became Culliford's business partner, and their daughter Elizabeth was the mother of Charles Dickens (who is therefore the harpsichord maker's great-grandson).
Restoration 1884 S. Denton, Neetwood, Manchester
1926 Alec Hodsdon, Lavenham
1978 Clayson & Garrett