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Catalogue of the Christopher Hogwood Instrument Collection

This online catalogue contains information on the collection of keyboard instruments
assembled by Christopher Hogwood during his lifetime.

The following abbreviations of references are used below:
Boalch2       Donald H. Boalch, Makers of the Harpsichord and Clavichord, 1440–1840, 2nd edition (Oxford, 1974)
Boalch3       Donald H. Boalch, Makers of the Harpsichord and Clavichord, 1440–1840, 3rd edition, edited by Charles Mould (Oxford, 1995)
Clinkscale    Martha Novak Clinkscale, Makes of the Piano, 1700–1820 (Oxford, 1993)




Adlam Burnett


Finchcocks, Goudhurst, Kent, 1972


Replica of 17th-century Flemish muselar virginal by Joannes Couchet, Antwerp, 1650. Green painted case-work lined with 'Ruckers' papers, on a four legged turned and framed oak stand.


+ DUM + VIXI + TACUI + MORTUA + DULCE + CANO + on the inside of the lid; + AURES + ANIMI + FORES + on the inside of the front flap; ~ DEREK ~ ADLAM ~ FECIT ~ on jackrail; and Derek Adlam Opus 3 1972, Adlam Burnett, Finchcocks, Goudhurst, Kent. and Malcolm Fisk No1 29-3-72 on rear of front-board.


One 8', strung in iron and brass with an arpicordum stop on the straight section of the RH bridge.




C-c3; short & broken octave.


Original in Vleeshuis, Antwerp (Boalch3 number: COUCHET, I. 1650; O'Brien, p. 272, number: 1650a IC)

The anonymous motto, part of the longer riddle Viva fui in sylvis sum dura occisa securi | Dum vixi tacui mortua dulce cano ("Once I was alive in the woods till felled by a cruel axe; living, I was mute, dead, I sweetly sing"), has been associated with musical instruments since the Renaissance; see E. K. Borthwick, 'The Riddle of the Tortoise and the Lyre', Music & Letters, li/4 (Oct. 1970), pp. 373-87.

Aures animi fores ("The ears are the gateway to the soul", Ficino, De Amore, VI/9) became the builder’s motto upon his finding it inscribed on the confessional at Godinton Park, Kent.


1984 Mackinnon & Waitzman


Ray C. Mitzel, Jr., Baltimore, Maryland, USA.



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