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Name : Petar A. Cannon.

Christopher Hogwood will be sorely missed, not just by me and not just by the (professional) music world but by great many people worldwide, even though they never personally knew him. It is a very great pity that Decca never allowed to complete his exemplary series of recordings of Haydn Symphonies.

Name : Philip Langridge

God bless you Maestro Hogwood and thank you so much for all the joy and pleasure you have given me with your music. RIP

Name : Mark Lethert

I can't begin to tell you the importance of Maestro Hogwood in music history, at least as I see (and hear) it. His vast knowledge and glorious insights into period performance, and his incredible legacy of recordings and writings, only slightly cushions the blow of his passing far too early from our midst. I was so pleased to be able to attend several concerts when he was the music director of The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra, and particularly enjoyed his foray into 20th Century composers. As Bohuslav Martinu is my own very favorite composer, Maestro Hogwood's interest in performing and recording works by Martinu has left a permanent place of appreciation and joy in my life. His Bach, Beethoven, Handel, Haydn, Mozart, and Vivaldi recordings with the great AAM are all given pride of place in my collection and will serve as memorials to this great and gifted musician and historian.

Name : Stephen Kabat

One of the Defining Moments in my life was Mr. Hogwood's L'Oiseau Lyre recording of the 'Lord Salisbury's Pavane & Galliard' by Orlando Gibbons. Thank you Mr. Hogwood! Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

Name : carlos fittante

Christopher was a beacon for the world bringing his charm, knowledge and love of music to everyone without reserve. I am grateful to have met him and experienced his art.

Name : Patricia Yeiser

The loss is palpable, coming as it did as a surprise to most of us. It would be good to know about the memorial service. I trust there will be coverage in the London music press. He and his colleagues in early music informed and delighted me for years, and continue to do so.

Name : Jo

RIP Mr Hogwood.

Your dedicated, glorious contribution to music will go on and on through your fabulous recordings. Your verve, vigour, enthusiasm, expertise & pioneering spirit commands eternal gratitude. Thank you Maestro!

With humble and grateful thanks from a lover of Baroque Music (esp. Handel).

Name : Bonnie MacBird

My husband Alan Kay and I knew Chris from the Handel and Haydn society days in Boston, and admired his talent and genius, and enjoyed him as a witty and delightful dinner partner many times over the years --- most recently in London only a few months ago. He was a kind and generous man. We are both shocked and deeply saddened at his loss.

Name : Paul Gabbott

Dear Christopher Hogwood,

Thank-you so much!

Yours, as ever

~ Paul

Name : Pietro Scalzo

Great musician and sincere friend.
Pray for him!

Name : Leeza Coleman

I am devastated. "He will be missed" is not a clich

Name : Larry Miller

Maestro Hogwood,
Thanks you for all the wonderful years of musical enjoyment. Rest in peace. I shall continue to enjoy your magical music. Now, enjoy meeting all the great masters' music you have so wonderfully performed for all your earthly years.

Name : Hugo Álvarez

Dearest Maestro Chris,
Thank you so much for your friendship and your kindness by answering me every mail I sent you. during the last 8 or 10 years. You have thaught me many things of great value.
You will be really, really missed, my friend.
I hope you will finally meet Purcell and Haendel there in Heaven!
Rest in Peace.

With sincere sadness, and my deepest condolences to your family,

Hugo Álvarez (A Coruña)

Name : John Amos

What a wonderful heritage you have left the world of Baroque music.

Name : daniel lloyd

I am deeply saddened by the death of one who inspired so greatly and kindly.

Name : Hans Ablij

My favourite conductor passed away and it is a big shock and loss indeed. For decades for me the Mozart symphonies with Hogwood and the aam are the standard and everyone interested in the symphonies should have the recordings in his/her posession. He died way to early and it is an irreplaceable loss for the world and the music. I don't believe in heaven, but Mr. Hogwood brought a peace of heaven on earth and he will live on in his recordings and our minds.

Hans Ablij

Name : Emily Feldberg

My mum ran John Feldberg Harpsichords and CH used them to practice on. in1965 CH gave me a some clavichord lessons. I was 5 and was deeply impressed because he could swing me round on his 2 little fingers! was a v kind and imaginative and even wrote me my own little tune
I have loved the clavichord ever since.
The workshop ceased trading in 1984 but Chris still continued to send us a Christmas card,typical of whole hearted unaffectectness.
Our deepest condolences to all his friend and family

Name : David Starnes

It was with deep sadness that I heard of the passing of Christopher Hogwood, in my opinion, the greatest pioneer of early music. Although I have no musical talent myself, I had been buying his numerous recordings since the 1980's, and even today, I still listen to his wonderfully spiritual Handel's Messiah, and the Beethoven and Mozart symphonies on a regular basis. I only got to see him conduct once, having driven from Tennessee down to Georgia, but it was the best musical performance experience of my life. I wish he had a longer retirement, but I know that his recording will bless music lovers for decades to come, as they have done for me. Rest in peace Mr. Hogwood.

Name : Karel Van den Abbeele

This hurts so much. Mr. Hogwood convinced me in the 80's about Beethoven and Mozart on period instruments. Now I have over 2000 "period" cd's, and Mr. Hogwood is the most present person. Let us hope there is a heaven where he can talk and play music with Mozart and Beethoven and the others.

Name : Glenn Hausdorfer

I had the privilege of meeting Chris during the summer of 1984, when he came to Los Angeles to conduct a performance of "Messiah" at the Hollywood Bowl. I was an alto (countertenor) in the chorus, and he graciously spoke with me and autographed a photo..."Best to Glenn, Chris."

His influence on the practice of early music cannot be overstated.

My condolences to all his friends and family. I hope he is now hooking up with Handel in the great beyond, sharing stories and laughs.

Name : Daniel Ungermann

Mr. Hogwood was one of the most important musicians for the interpretations of the early music in the last century, as a excellent harpsichordist and later as a conductor. So we - the early music-interpreters have simply to say "thank you and good bye" to this great man. God bless him.

Name : Anton

Sad To hear the dead of Christopher H. I remember him during the concertserie in Musica Antiqua in Bruges end the 70's. Later we found him in the jury, next to G. Leohhardt... My first CD was Mozart Sympgony 25 & 29 with the AAM! H

Name : Geoffrey Benjamin

I am saddened to hear of Christopher's death. My first memories of him are as a student performer at Cambridge with David Munrow in the 1960s. I later met him briefly in Wales, Singapore and Australia: a consummate musician, musicologist, and a very nice man.

Name : Guido Corti

The International Festival of Sacred Music "Anima Mundi" in Pisa, Italy, will always remember Maestro Hogwood, his performances in the Cathedral in Pisa and his wonderful approach to Music and life. Thank you Christopher, riposa in pace.

Guido Corti and the "Anima Mundi" Festival staff.

Name : Jose M Barros

Sad day. Heaven has a new angel for the concert.

Name : Robert Byrd

Dear Mr. Hogwood,

I am the organ tuner at H&H in Boston. I have been
recently immersing myself in
your earlier Handel recordings
Especially "Athalia'
Such exquisite music-making
I am thrilled every time I
listen to it. Such a treasure!
I look forward to your return to Boston.

Robert Byrd

Name : Ravi Putcha

Dear Mr.Hogwood,

I love your outstanding work on Mozart's Clarinet and Oboe concertos played by Antony Pay and Michael Piguet. Its a landmark work. The concertos are so mesmerizing, soul lifting and memorable that I have been hearing them repeatedly for last 20 years yet can't get enough of them.

You brought the music of Mozart to life.


Name : Henk Kropman

Dear Sir,
Most I like your recording of Ludwig van Beethoven's Eroica from 1986. It is a very balanced performance. Much thanks.

Henk Kropman

Name : Sebastian Pawlak

Dear Sir,

In Warsaw, You showed me the best performance of W.A. Mozart - Symphony No.39 (KV 543) I have ever heard. Thank you.

Name : Jaroslaw Malanowicz

Dear Sir, I would like to thank you cordially for wonderfull concerts in Warsaw Philharmonic. Playing b.c. i Haydn Nelson mass under your conductining was a reamarkable honour for me. With best wishes for future and with hope to play again Jaroslaw Malanowicz

Name : barbara lucke

dear mr. hogwood,

thanks for the st.-caecilia-music, such a fine piece of music. i got a spirituell feeling, how deep and wonderful is the world, from the clear fount coming true beauty, pure joy. thanks from bremen

Name : Sonja Williams

Dear Mr. Hogwood,
I was very lucky to see you conducting at the Beethovenhalle in Bonn today. I wish to tell you that I had a great time to see you conducting the Bonn Orchestra. - Thank you so much for this pleasure.

Best Regards - Sonja Williams.

Name : Manuel Ortiz

Querido maestro Hogwood,
Felicidades por su aniversario y gracias por lo que nos ha ense

Name : David Zivan

Happy Birthday, young man!

I hope this note finds you finishing off a glass of excellent grappa.

Many thanks for decades of inspiration and pleasure.

David Zivan

Name : Michael Smith

Happy 70th birthday to the ever-youthful Christopher Hogwood. Thank you for many years of musical elucidation and inspiration.

Name : Mark Powell

Dear Mr Hogwood,

When I purchased my first CD player, way back in 1984, I purchased with it just two CDs to start me off. They were two Handel works, by yourself conducting the AAM, though at the time I was new to 'classical' music and had not heard of the of the orchestra. Since then you and the Academy have given me the greatest musical pleasure that I have ever had.

Thank you,

Mark Powell, Southampton

Name : Mei Hurrell

My husband and I would like to thank you for coming to Hong Kong and giving a great concert. We come from New Zealand & I have admired & listened to your work esp. with the Academy of Ancient Music for over 20 years, so this is an opportunity to express our appreciation for the joy you bring to us and millions of people.

Name : Jacques Hostetter

Dear Mr. Hogwood,

Sorry for my poor English (I am French and absolutely not a musician, only a music-lover and an enthusiastic of Beethoven).
It is already a long time that I wished to give you this feedback about Beethoven Complete Symphonies with The Academy of Ancient Music (AAM) which, at time of their first release (about 1985), did not receive the merited acknowledgement (at the least in France!).

For me, your Interpretation with the AAM is absolutely unequaled. I often compared with other noteworthy records and I came always to the same conclusion: your tempi, your accentuations, the highest level of the musicians, the unity of the orchestra, the nuances, the shade and globally your vision of these outstanding works from classical repertoire, situate these recordings at the top of the top.
I have the complete collection in the original release from L'Oiseau Lyre which offers additionally the famous and natural DECCA-sound.
In other words, my selection for the lonely Island.
It is always with great excitement that I place these fantastic CDs on my Naim player.

Naturally I possess other CDs from AAM which bring me always huge exaltation.

Thank you very much for your fantastic work, all the pleasure and immeasurable emotion you bring to all classical music lovers.

Sincerely yours,


Name : Michael Smith

One of Christopher Hogwood's most useful editing projects has been his series of the chamber versions of Haydn's twelve London symphonies, 'ingeniously contracted' by Salomon for string quartet, flute and piano. Haydn enthusiasts near London have the chance to hear a performance of this version of Symphony 101 ('The Clock') at King's Place on 25th June given by RAM students, directed by Trevor Pinnock.

In a piece of enterprising programming, the other work on offer is Erwin Stein's fifteen-player arrangement of Mahler 4.

Name : Paul Gabler

I totally agree with mister Mathieu when he stated "Especially your recordings of William Byrds "My Ladye Nevells Booke" are such a joy to listen to over, over
and over again".
Many thanks for this milestone in music-performance

Name : Michael Smith

Readers who enjoyed Christopher Hogwood's engaging performance of the first two movements of Prokofiev's Classical Symphony linked in the News page may like to know that the rest is available here:

Name : Michael Ehrick

Dear Mr. Hogwood,

I own and very much enjoy your three clavichord "Secret" albums (Handel, Bach, and Mozart). At one time, I believe there was mention of a "Secret Beethoven," but I have been unable to find it--on this site, or elsewhere. Has it been released, or is it still planned? For what it may be worth, if the commercial market is insufficient, I would be glad for the opportunity to purchase such a work as a downloadable .mp3.

Best wishes,

Michael Ehrick (USA)

Name : Patricia Yeiser

I just watched your London "Dido" and was much moved by the performance: the singing and orchestra were stunning, and even the dance - of which I generally am not a fan, unless it's authentic Renaissance and Baroque - incorporated some Baroque gestures. I did like the idea of conjoined witches and they accomodated one another very well. Dido's final aria was paced perfectly and as always, I am in awe of singers who can droop down and die on stage, have it look natural and sing beautifully. Jonathan Miller would be pleased: no operatic histrionics. The entire piece was well-conceived and kept me enthralled throughout. Thank you for your work. Patricia Yeiser, Syracuse, New York, USA

Name : Margit-Gabriele Berger

dear Mr. Hogwood,

thank you very much for the
wonderful concert today with the RSO in the Liederhalle Stuttgart. I enjoyed this beautiful music very much and my farvorites are the old music.

With my best wishes and
warm regards,
Margit-Gabriele Berger.

Name : Bob Neill

I was just listening to Egarr's version of Handel's Opus 3 and as fine as it is, I felt something essential was missing. Went back to yours with the Handel & Haydn Society and found the missing element: vive! One of the greatest performances of baroque music ever made. Still available on Avie, I'm told. Your Messiah on L'Oiseau Lyre is also still the best.

Many, many thanks.

Name : Roger Adams

Dear Mr. Hogwood,

I have just read the wikipedia on your career and am interested to know how the project on the complete works of CPE Bach is coming on. The wiki states that it will be finished by 2014 but are there any recordings that have been completed and available on CD/DVD? If so, are you able to let me have a list of these available works?

Many thanks in advance for your kind response.

Kind regards

Roger Adams

Name : Michael Smith

Congratulations on the conclusion of the Handel opera cycle. The performance I heard last night at the Barbican was dazzlingly sung, with beautifully articulated playing from the Academy. Christopher Hogwood's hint in his Birmingham Post interview (see News page) that we might see some Handel from the 1740s is an enticing prospect indeed.

Name : Patricia Yeiser

Dear Mr Hogwood:

As to your letter to The Times, I don't recall that particular Ciceronian conceit: perhaps our magistra didn't wish to call our attention to the frivolous nature of the Orations. We were, after all, mere adolescents with wandering minds. On the other hand, it was her habit to go into the hall and summon latecomers to class using Classical Latin. It was an effective use of the Imperative.

Patricia Yeiser, Syracuse, NY, USA

Name : Stephan Mathieu

Dear Christopher Hogwood,

here is just a quick note to say *Thank You* for your wonderful work.

I'm a composer and performer of electroacoustic music with a deep love
for early music. My search for players who seem to really open a window
to those days has lead me to the Academy of Ancient Music and your
colleagues of the Consort of Musicke. What can I say, listening to your
recordings sometimes makes it even harder to find some quality time to
work on my things! But I certaily don't regret as your music is such a
wonderful source of inspiration. Especially your recordings of William
Byrds "My Ladye Nevells Booke" are such a joy to listen to over, over
and over again.

Although I'm not a skilled keyboard player in any way myself I started
a project called 'Virginals' two years ago. This is dedicated to
interpretation and early instruments, I'm performing special versions
of compositions by contemporary composers Alvin Lucier, Phill Niblock
and Francisco Lopez on an Ottavino built by Arnold Dolmetsch and a set
of four mechanical gramophones. A CD with this material will be
released by the end of the year on the London based 'Touch' label and
it would be my great pleasure to send you a copy once this is finished.
I didn't mean to bother you with any questions with this very
spontaneous message, but as the Virginals project is also dedicated to
you it would be very kind if you want to give me an address where i may
send a CD to.

In the end I meant to say thank you for the outstanding work!

With the very best wishes
- Stephan

Name : Rocío Sánchez

Dear Mr. Hogwood,

I have bought this version with Bott, Kirkby, etc, and it's great, wonderful! A very very good work, congratulations! I love that you have also used a boy sopran, Daniel Lochmann.

Your version of Mozart's Requiem is great too, with Westminster Cathedral Boys Choir.

Your work is excelent and the baroque-fans are thankful to you! HIgh quality!

Best wishes.
Rocío Sánchez.

Name : Patricia Yeiser

Mr Hogwood: Today as I drove through the city on a sunny winter day, I listened to your performance with Handel & Haydn (my favorite American orchestra) of the Handel/Mozart "Messiah." ( I taped the live perfomance off-air in February of 1990.) The performance is absolutely astounding, and I'm ever in your debt for giving such a splendidly moving reading. Tanti grazii. Patricia Yeiser

Name : Eric Keller

Dear Maestro Hogwood,

I just wanted to thank you for (quickly) responding to my e-mail two months ago and suggesting early works that are good for the low voice.
I wanted to you to know that because of hard work and a little bit of tenacity, I am already performing a concert here in New York City, singing Bach's Cantatas Nos. 208 and 212, Purcell's Come ye Sons of Art (Birthday Ode for Queen Mary) and Händel's Ode for the Birthday of Queen Ann. As I told you in my last e-mail, for the last couple of years I have been dying to do oratorios and early music instead of singing just opera. I'm now finally getting that chance. I have also begun working on Messiah and Elijah.
Again, thank you for your help and I wish you a successful and busy 2009.


Eric Keller

Name : Michael Smith

Thank you very much for posting the interviews with Mark Wiggins. In particular, Christopher Hogwood's reference to the BBC's ambitious recording schedule brought to mind a couple of ambitious projects with the Academy in the early eighties: Telemann's Der Messias and Benda's melodrama Medea. The latter featured an incandescent performance by Barbara Jefford in the title role. O, to be able to hear it again!

Name : Jean-Claude Féret

I'm a professionnal chamber violinist, now in pension, but spent my life performing music from middle-age till contemporary, and as much as possible following the conventions of the time (for instance, I never played Prokofieff on a barok fiddle !).

I started investigating on Baroque since 1967 (reading many old texts), but on my own, since at the time I was in South Africa.

Later (1977) I extended that research till Mozart, and, soon after (1980) till Beethoven and early 19th.
As much for the instrumental tech as for the playing conventions...

I must say that since your publication of the Mozart symphonies, I do admire very much your production in that line, and am totally confident in it, even before to listen to it.

Therefore, I'd like to ask a question concerning a detail that I thought to be without any doubt or uncertainty: the trill.

According to all texts I read, Quantz, Corette, L'abbé le fils, Geminiani, Tartini, Couperin, etc... It always has to start with the top appogiature (to create an expressive dissonnance), the only tiny exception I know on that , is KPE Bach, in what he calls "Prall Triller", but only concerning very fast passages, where others would in fact only do an appogiature.

Of course, I mean that all this applies from the beginning of the 17th century, and to exactly 1825... in the 16th, trills where not that much in use, and anyway had a different meaning, and, as for that date 1825 that may seem a bit arbitrary, it is just according to Hummel, who said in the preface of his piano method:
"I know that the trills have to be always started with the top note, but I think it should be started on the note itself..." and then he spend a half page explaining why and how... and knowing that his method had a very fast fame, in the next 5 years, everybody was following his advice (but that did brobably not affect Beethoven nor Schubert who died in the next 2 or 3 years after).

Any way, my question is:
more and more among todays players (I mean the baroque so called specialists, and not even speaking of fakes like Biondi or Melkus), one hears trills played like romantic trills... even if the rest of the recordings seems close to the proper style (correct ornements, correct speeds, and so on)...

the first instance of such a thing was by a German conductor Reinhart Goebel, in a Bach overture, in the famous air, where the improvised ornaments were OK, but all the trills were started "alla Romantica"... even, there was there a text from Goebels to explain why he did so (but I must confess that it did not really convinced me)... later, I had a very well played recording of Scarlatti sonatas by Andrea Stair, where he, some times, did the same... also a recording of Biber sonatas, but the violinist was a pupil from Goebels, so...

More recently, I came across Your recording of Mozart concerto for flute & harp, and the soloists are doing the same... so, I hope I finally will have the answer to that question, and I'm prepaired to change my mind (if the arguments seem valid enough though)...

Thanks for reading all that, and I hope answering to it...

If in parallel you like to visit my site, you are welcome, here is the address:

Thanks anyways for providing such a space for contacts

Name : joe

Mr. Hogwood:
I have the first 10 volumes of your exceptional work of Haydn's complete symphonies. However, the set is NOT complete. And the set lacks the best. This is a Haydn's-best-symphonies-sized hole in your work. Will the Haydn set ever be complete? Please make time for it. Hoping you do, and wishing the very BEST.


Name : Michael Smith

Thank you for making the music on the opening page an 'optional extra'. I think that music deserves to be listened to, rather than inflicted.

Name : Heinz Wallisch

Article about Christopher Hogwood on Radio KLARA, Dutch-language program of the Belgian Radio, on Thursday, March 27 — on one of my websites:

'Tempel der Toonkunst' in the Netherlands.

If you keep me posted, I can write about the Martinů-year on several cultural websites in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and some English-language international weblogs.

Kind regards,

Heinz Wallisch
music and literary critic

Jupiterstraat 11
NL — 9742 ES Groningen
The Netherlands

Name : Guy Beddington

A v.rare claverin dated 1570 by Domenicus Pisanensis is coming up for sale bu judicial order next week down here. U qaw Robin Boyle this AM
and thought to contact you. If you were unaware
or are interested in further details please let me know
Guy B.

Name : Michael Smith

By the way, I'm truly very fond of Martinu's Double Violin Concerto.

I'd really rather not hear the first half bar of it, however, whenever I come to check Christopher Hogwood's concert itinerary.

Michael x

Name : Michael Smith

Thank you for restoring the Food Counter archive.

Yours, salivating,

Michael Smith

Name : Terry Holmes

Dear Mr Hogwood,

Many thanks to you and Hyperion for making me very happy today. I have waited twenty years for a CD recording of Martinu's lovely Double Concerto for Violin & Piano. It seems that Supraphon never saw fit to re-issue their recording which I owned on LP. No matter now that you have given us this splendid new recording which I hope will win the composer many new friends.

If you ever have some Czech singers at your disposal and the support of an enterprising record label - please, please, please consider another Martinu rarity, the enchanting Cantata 'Kytice ' (Bouquet).

Name : Bertram Heisl

Hello Mr Hogwood,

as one of your German admirers please let me know your adress to get an originally signed photo. Thank you very much in anticipation.

Bertram Heisl

Name : Mr. Mikael Hiort af Ornäs

Dear Sir,

I wonder if I may use any of the wonderful photographs of You, that are available at Your webpage to illustrate the English Wikipedia Internet page on You ( The photograph will of course be tagged with the name of the photographer, and Your name.

Yours Sincerely,

Mikael Hiort af Ornäs,
Uppsala, Sweden

Name : Michael Smith

May I offer a warm welcome back to The Food Counter? I'd be even happier to see the older Food Counter articles in the archive...please?

Kind regards

Michael Smith

Name : Victor St.Denis

Dear Mr.Hogwood,I am trying to obtain a DVD of a performance by youself of Dido and Aenaes by Henry Purcell. This is for my grandson who needs it for his studies.I believe it was produced by Ms Kirby. As expected by a teenager he has given me little time to obtain the DVD. Hoping for a speedy response,Yours Vic St.Denis

Name : guillermo

estimado christopher, mi nombre es Guillermo Martínez y resido en Granada. Tengo entendido que Pablo Heras estudió dirección orquestal con usted en mi ciudad.

Quisiera conocer si hace algun típo de masterclass donde pudiera asistir, en granada o en España.

Reciba un cordial saludo
Guillermo Martínez

Name : Patricia Yeiser

Dear Mr. Hogwood:
At the suggestion of your website (I loathe computereese) I read your column in The Guardian (November 2003) about arbitrary shifting of intervals in opera. It reminded me of a section in Dorothy L. Sayers's "Murder Must Advertise": Lord Peter Wimsey is explaining the niceties of language required in the labeling of products, and describes the distinctions among with, from and chiefly, necessary to avoid litigation for libel. Perhaps productions to which directors (and in the USA,union scene-shifters) have taken, if not the hatchet, then the paper cutter, should be advertised thus: "La Clemenza di Tito," with parts by Mozart; "Orlando," from Handel; or " The Cunning Little Vixen," chiefly by Janacek. In any case, I enjoyed your column, which I assume is predominantly by Hogwood.
Yours sincerely, Patricia Yeiser, Syracuse, New York U.S.A.
Add. Chorus on toilets? How extremely tacky and more to the point, not Historically Informed.

Name : Barry OBrien

I am trying to locate a Christmas CD that I lost and I do not have much information to go by. I know the conductor was Christopher Hogwood, it was recorded in a church in England with a chorus and consisted primarily of Christmas songs.

Would love to purchase somewhere if you can help.


Name : Elle Sophocles

Dear Mr Hogwood,
I would just like to congratulate you on your excellent contribution to classical music. At the risk of sounding colloquial, keep up the good work.

Name : Ryan Burris

Hello Christopher Hogwood:
When will you be in Los Angeles California?
I would like to attend your performance.

Ryan Burris

Name : Wei-chin Chen

Dear Mr. Hogwood:

Congratulations on turning sixty-six! Sincerely I hope there could be more fine records and punlications coming out from you. Here I wish you good health and hope everything around you moves smoothly!


Wei-chin Chen (Taipei, Taiwan)

Name : Florencia

Dear mr hogwood, Im argentina and Im in high school and mi music teacher told me you found the creation of Cristopher Hogwood but i can´t found it please help me to found it!

Name : Andrew Borisoff

Dear Mr. Christopher Hogwood!

I`m your fan from Russia. I was in your concert in Madrid (february, 2007)and was happy to listen to your performance of Mendelsohn symphony. I was impressed very much by your conducting. There is a intelligent group in Perm State University (Russia) that supports your views on the music and the way of performance. Sorry, the modern musical culture lives in crisis, and we can hear the ancient music only by the recordings. I know any time ago you visited Russia and played the concert, and even now it`s discussed among the Russian musicians. Thank you very much for your great work. I hope you`ll visit Russia more. My intent is to write that the Russians love you.
Sincerely yours,
Andrew Borisoff

Name : Wei-chin Chen

Dear Mr. Hogwood, and the Hogwood-Community:

I am quite excited to see such a new window here inviting anyone who see this site, who have questions and are interested in the information to have their spaces.

Among several updated versions of the web-site, I think I like this one the most. This is strikingly clear, and well managed. The colour themes in the site is really tasteful. Here, as someone who had visited the office and received kind help from the "community", could I suggest you put on the portrait and have a part in the site for the people get to know you? It would be nice to know more from the team, and surely better for the people to know whom to contact while we need help.


Wei-chin Chen (Taipei)


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