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Latest Gresham College Lecture: The Challenge of the Solo

June 27, 2012


Pavlo Beznosiuk, one of the world's leading baroque violinists, explains and demonstrates the challenge of music for solo violin; works by Nicola Matteis and Heinrich Biber lead to a discussion and performance of the famous Chaconne from Bach's Solo Partita in D minor. Can such a work be satisfactorily analysed or does "music begin where words leave off"? You can watch or listen to the lecture by clicking here.

This is the final lecture in Christopher's 2011-12 series, The Making of a Masterpiece, in which he examines a number of acknowledged masterpieces, but each from a select angle only - their scoring, compactness, virtuosity, accessibility, memorability or other flavour. Explore all of the lectures from this series here.


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