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Happy Easter and news from the World's Original Marmalade Awards

March 28, 2013

After some busy marmalade-making by the Brookside Collective in early January, we entered some pots into The World's Original Marmalade Awards competition in Cumbria. Christopher was very pleased (and a little surprised) to receive an award of merit for his contribution to the 'Man-made Seville Orange Marmalade' category.


This International Competition takes place each year at Dalemain House in Cumbria, and now attracts more than 2000 entries, in categories ranging from 'international' to 'any citrus' to 'children's' and even 'clergy'! For more details and pictures of the event, please follow the link (above) to the Dalemain Marmalade website.



A full feature on this year’s competition was broadcast on Monday in the BBC Radio 4 Food Programme — you can find it again here.

The recipe we entered, locally known as “Baghdad Marmalade” was originally brewed in Cambridge by Heather Jarman from a recipe obtained during an archaeological field trip; it has been enthusiastically made and eaten here ever since.



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