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Caricatures by Ane Lysebo – November 2005

June 27, 2007


Some while ago a visit to the Göteborg Symphony Orchestra revealed a number of surprises: the pleasantness of the town, the really excellent art museum, the presence of Europe’s leading institution for research into historical North German organs (GOART) plus one really wonderful instrument that had been constructed under their leadership. All this in addition to a fine symphony orchestra and a most friendly Scandinavian atmosphere — and as a late gift, long after I returned home, a surprise package of several entertaining drawings of various maestri made by Ane Lysebo, a member of the orchestra. Next time I will remember that I am being watched with a caricaturist’s eye and restrain my mannerisms. Here are a couple of her views of conductors at work. I am waiting to see who will be the first promoter to accept such drawings in lieu of the normal conductor-photograph for the programme book...

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